Our Mission

Our goal is to provide our clients with a personalized experience that allows them peace of mind that they are taken care of. Insurance and coverage options can be a complex life need. We're here to uncomplicate the situation - let us worry about finding the right plan. All you need to do is trust that you're in good hands.

  Local Chicagoland Agency | Humbert Insurance Team

Local Chicagoland Agency | Humbert Insurance Team

Meet Our Agents

Agent/Owner: Dave Thomas
P: (630) 279-8300 x220
E: dthomas@humbertinsurance.com 

Agent: Patty Blum
P: (630) 279-8300 x218
E: pblum@humbertinsurance.com 

Michael Carroo
P: (630) 279-8300 x206
E: mcarroo@humbertinsurance.com 

Agent: Sharon Deresinski
P: (630) 279-8300 x238
E: sderesinski@humbertinsurance.com 

Bill Hennings
P: (630) 279-8300 x221      
E: bhennings@humbertinsurance.com

Lee Tibstra
P: (630) 279-8300 x213  
E: ltibstra@humbertinsurance.com        

Agent/Commercial Lines CSR: Denise Brinson
P: (630) 279-8300 x209
E: dbrinson@humbertinsurance.com 

Agent/Personal Lines CSR: Matte Decoste
P: (630) 279-8300 x240
E: mdecoste@humbertinsurance.com 

Agent/Commercial Lines CSR: DJ Thomas
P: (630) 279-8300 x212
E: djthomas@humbertinsurance.com 

Agent/Personal Lines CSR: Heather Wallace
P: (630) 279-8300 x223
E: hwallace@humbertinsurance.com  

Agent/Commercial Lines CSR: Joellen Weldon
P: (630) 279-8300 x221
E: jweldon@humbertinsurance.com 

All staff members can also be reach by calling the main line.