Contractor Insurance

There is no shortage of concerns facing today's Contractor. Just to name a few...

  • Improperly written policies leading to gaps in coverage
  • Contractual requirements not being met
  • Workers Compensation Fraud
  • Escalating insurance rates

These situations are just a handful of the many, and there are more that will continue to put undue pressure on Contractors of all types. Here at Humbert Insurance, we understand.  

How Can We Help

We will first conduct a deep review of your current insurance program to uncover any gaps or shortages, as well as any other problem areas.  The next step is to design a Contractor's Insurance Package around your specific needs and requirements.  

As Contractor specialists representing an array of carriers, our goal is to bring you the coverage you need at the best possible pricing. When you feel the time is right for a second opinion, and you'd like to work with a trusted advisor who specializes in this type of insurance, give us a call.